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Fotogems Photography wish you a super 2019 where your plans come together and an exciting time is had by all.

Malcolm & Diane are photographers with a real passion to produce images that you can treasure and look back on with satisfaction and pride.  Our approach is relaxed and confident which is why you will notice how natural our clients look in our photographs and albums. Our work is always designed around you as we enjoy developing styles personalised to make the most of each occasion.

We are experianced and reliable so when you book us you can be confident that all will work out just fine.

Businesses will also find our work totally professional as Malcolm has considerable business excperiance.  This work is extreamly varied from product to staff and from launch events to black tie or coroporate events.

We travel some distance at no extra charge as we enjoy new challages and locations as each new location helps to keep our work imagiantive and fresh. With most of our bookings coming from recommendation.

The name “FotoGems” was chosen to reflect how precious photographic memories can be. We believe that photographs can be like jewels, an heirloom that tells a story of your character, relationship, family or business.

We are located 75 meters from Romsey Abbey, close to the Town Hall and Library as well as almost next to King John House.  

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